This work in progress (conception below) is five years in the making- and you call yourself a procrastinator?!
Chachi, pleeeeease... I wrote the book, the screenplay, and stared in the film!
An idle train of thought, among many, first manifested in that genius head of mine during my second year
of studio art. No surprise, it was swiftly abandoned and saw me venture onto other, far more grand, flashes of "brilliance".

On an impromptu trip to Byron with one of my sisters in mid October, we came across one of several
garage sales– must be all the rage in humble ol' Ballina. For a sweet six bucks, I stole away with
classics, Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales, T.S Eliot's Collected Poems, and tapping into my geek-David Attenborough-side
and love for wildlife– a mammoth ‘Wild Flowers of the World’ encyclopaedia!

So, what started as a flimsy, hesitant exploration in watercolour, has since digressed into this obscure
Portrait of a lady in gouache, pastel, charcoal, ink, and copic markers! Um.. procrastinator and
terribly indecisive slight obsessive compulsive.

More from my “flashes of genius”, my plan now is to integrate these nature drawings from said encyclopaedia
into what is slowly morphing into a mixed media hybrid of the Sauromatum venosum (or "voodoo lily") slash male flower of the
Japanese banana plant Lady.. or Lady Plant.. um.. Lady Lily, Lord of the Plants Avatar-esque.

To be continued..

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