I figured I can only hide my art from the world for so long. No matter which way I look at it, I will in one way or
another poke scrutiny at my own work. This inferiority trait and fear of failure is ingrained in all of us.

I suppose we never quite get over the bid to better ourselves; this relentless quest to master our craft. When we think
we've out done ourselves– being stretched to our limits, a new process and new way of seeing and thinking
presents new challenges for us.

How does one gain confidence in one's own practice? Why, practice, practice,
and when you've done a little bit of practice, practice some more!
I love the way fellow artist, Bethany Gosvener ['Pollinate' pictured above] described this similar
challenge she herself experiences. Adopting a realism style of drawing, she writes the following..

This communication between [your hand and your eye] is a muscle you flex with each
time you practice, as you gain strength over time it gets easier and you no
longer feel so sore – Bethany Gosvenor

So here's to practice, and a quick video of me doodling daddlying.
Heck! its a tad bit sketchy, (lols to puns) but so be it! Better now than never. 

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