P O P !

Dessie. D E S S I E J A C K S O N is the name. My, what great talent you wield. This girl is phenomenal!!  I know there are artists, but to be able to move from one medium to another with such fluidity and ease...? Now there's an artist! Dessie works with such precision and a keen sense of detail, her visual language translates ever so fluently be it in charcoal… watercolour (my favourite)... sculpture... even gosh darn it, stop-animation! ( another fave area in my own art making).

I mean… stop it already! We get it… you're exceptional! I roll my eyes at some of her “simple” drawings. By simple, I mean scribbles. These quirky and playful caricatures, drawn so briskly and carelessly at times, boy she has us all fooled to then turn around and produce these amazing, profound drawings, so full of life, and character, and emotion and detail. The realism. So well pronounced and crafted figure and portraiture creations in charcoal or pencil with such tonal and technical accuracy. Now don’t get me started on her videos… gah! My mind equals blown. No, make that, exploded!! check her out here .

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