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H A P P I E S T    D A Y S   A H E A D   F O R   M E !!!

Thirty-one today!!! Hip.. hip.. hooray  Who would've thought? Well.. I made it. It is by grace alone that I can stand here. Undeserved.. unmerited.. unearned favour. I have but my Best Friend, my Saviour, oh what a Friend I've found in Him, Christ my Saviour to thank so much for carrying me this far. Of course, a special, special shout-out also goes to ma familla!! Muchos gracias .. you each bring out the foolish and unashamedly passionate dreamer and lover in me.. I am me and I am real because you each have loved me in my good moments and my bad moments. My lovely friends.. the handful I have left. You know, as time has gone on, I've learnt this, among many things, its not the amount but the quality of friends you keep. I have loved doing life with you all.. you know who you are. Stay forever, stay fresh, stay true. One last thing.. just a funky tune that has remained on repeat for the past week or two (or more). Love this sound to death!! It just goes to show I am a true eighties baby at heart!  L I S T E N
ciao meow-mi

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