I'm lusting over the new Stylestalker AW12 collection, Come As You Are. I love EVERYthing about this shoot; white on white, the slick black leggings, the sharp contrasting of metallic leather and gold sequin that exudes this raw biker edge all the while remaining chic. Perhaps the true appeal of this shoot has more to do with the location choice in a skate park or perhaps that my somewhat innocent skater boy crush of my youth has all at once reignited. Whatever the case, this campaign has got me reminiscing about my childhood days– roaming and running amuck on the streets of our neighbourhood, riding our bikes or rollerblades (remember those?!!) and sitting by the kerb of the road, licking our fingers all sweet and sticky from the ice-blocks melting in our hands (and mouth) under the afternoon sun.

artist: Banksy

artist: Banksy
artist: Banksy

My most vivid memory as a raging pubescent was the utter obsession I had over boys (as you do), well boys with skateboards that is. Growing up we spent copious amount of time playing outside on the street– be it our neighbour's yard or our own, the local playground and skate parks, sailing high on swings or hanging off monkey bars, strolling to the corner store or servo (petrol/gas stations) to buy hubba bubba (bubblegum), snakes or "nerds", spying on boys as they glided past on their boards and dove off ramps, or simply daydream about them all summer long.

Aside from shaggy haired fellas in their slouchy getup with their backward-turned caps or hoddies, skateboarding for me conjures up references to graffiti art and street culture in general, so who better to feature alongside here but none other than Banksy himself. I admire his work; it’s got cheek, satire, it’s brash, full of wit and dark humour yet interlaced with this hard-hitting political undertone. Check out more of Banksy here. Shop Stylestalker here .

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