Title: Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (The Wizard of Oz)

Many of us may regard this quote as having relevance to our professional or career driven goals in life or in gaining significant social status or in aspiring to be more fit, more healthy, the "new you". 

Now, this is all good and all, after hearing this phrase countless times before this was my usual stance. However, at this very moment it has taken on new meaning, coinciding more so with a particular area in my life which really to this very day has shown little to no activity. You guessed it: my marital status… (holler at me all you single ladies!! Woop!). See, its easy to get caught up in this victim mentality- "Where have all the good guys gone?" or "There aren't enough men around... or none around for me" or "I wish guys today would man up for once and ask the ol' girl out "
.. blah blah blah… pat-ta ti pat-ta ta.

Frankly, whatever position we find ourselves in life, be it of the fault of others or as a result of our own doing, at the end of the day we ourselves need to make the decision to change it or otherwise remain in that predicament. Life is about choice. There’s no fun playing the blame game and pointing the finger at who or what we believe has caused us to miss the mark or opportunity we think we deserved, nor is it cool driving ourselves mad with regret and the “What if’s” and Coulda Shoulda Woulda’s. Fair enough if you’re happy and content exactly where you are, it may well be a good place for you and you may indeed be thriving. But for those of us who find ourselves in a not so promising position, perhaps even a destructive place, where there appears to be no hope, and no growth, and no progress, or for me personally, where I sit and wallow and complain and whine and pout, and carrying on about my miserable, pitiful, single self; 
“Woo is me” and “Why, Oh why Lord have You forsaken me??!”– What good is that?

If I want something I’ve never had, than it’s about bloody good time I do something I’ve never done before (Amen to that!). Now relax fellas, by no means does this imply I’m about to set off on this crazed man-eating rampage. Chill. On the contrary, my doing something I’ve never done rather, is making the decision to hang up the reins for another wee while and just chill for a bit. No more fawning over, mindlessly agonizing or fretting over my singleness. Trust me, this isn’t some form of “reverse psychology” where I try not to think about it and it will happen kind of jazz, nor is it any of that If-you-love-something-let-it-go-and-it-will-be-sure-to-come-back-to-you Hoo ha! I will continue with my decision irrespective of whether anything happens or not, I really just want a new change of pace in my life and to live a litt’l without having the constant jarring thoughts at the back of my mind:
“Is he the one?” or; “…maybe he is” or; “Maybe it’ll happen this year” or; “… this is the year” or; “No! its this time for sure..” Enough already! For this entire year I’m making the decision to put all desires at bay and put a halt to this relentless pursuit of mine to find "the one". While in the meantime I “try something new” by celebrating this time (and plenty of it!) just being me. On my own. Cultivating strong and rich relationships with others, and most of all seeking the Lord's face. I choose this year, the year Twenty Dozen (as coined by the amazing Judah Smith), to be the year to get Closer– I will unashamedly and ferociously chase after God; and to be the year to Create– I will pursue my passion in the creative and flourish as an aspiring artist. That is all. xx

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